My name is Valentina Pokrovskaya – I am a wedding planner, the owner of ‘Wedding Alchemy® by Valentina’, the originator of the wedding alchemy philosophy and a Member of Polish Association of Wedding Planners.

I would never imagine, that I will be organising weddings. But life can surprise you – today I am a wedding planner and I bring my Coules’ dreams to life.

It all started in 2013 when I was working for Thomson Reuters helping financial markets professionals to retrieve and analyse data from their systems. I loved my job and I was good in it. One thing was missing – lack of true and deep relationship between me and my clients, feeling, that I bring something really important into their lives.

And then it was this ad about the wedding planner course. When I was packing my case for a 3 days workshop in Warsaw, I never knew I was going to come back with the decision to create my own brand and turn my life and life of my family upside down.

From financial markets to wedding planning? Exactly! I am using the best experience gained when working with demanding clients – this is all about transparency and relationships with my Couples. I use an advanced wedding planning online system, which gives my couples 24/7 access to all information: checklist, wedding timetable, budget and payment calendar, guest list, seating plan and much more. This helps them to control and better understand the whole planning process. Working with professionals from financial markets I had to resolve complex queries under tight deadlines.

Effective communication with different departments was really essential. When planning and coordinating a wedding I need to build a team from a group of independent vendors and set a common goal, which is an extraordinary event and failure is not an option. We act under pressure of time, stress and huge emotions – just like on Wall Street!

What is the essence of wedding alchemy?
These are the main principles of how I work

1. Every couple I work with is special

From the very first contact, I am trying to get to know You the best I can – Your history, Your priorities and Your expectations regarding the Big Day. You are my main inspiration to create a unique wedding project. I compare wedding planner’s job to doing a puzzle – every element should match to another. My main task as a wedding planner is to work out the best from Your vision thanks to the expert knowledge and experience.

2. I respect my Couples’ time

Thanks to the fact, that I know my Brides and Grooms so well, I am able to offer You about 3-4 options of photographers, video-operators, stylists, wedding polygraphy manufacturers and other vendors, who would be able to bring Your vision of wedding to life. All offers received from particular vendors are analysed by me and presented in a way so that You have all the information needed to make the right decision. I also use an online system to sign all contracts, which helps my couples to save their time and energy.

3. I respect my Couples’ money – I offer the best quality solutions at a reasonable price

There is nothing worse than wasting wedding budget, which is big enough anyway. I am perfectly aware, that when You entrust Wedding Alchemy® by Valentina with organising a wedding for You, You also entrust us to manage a big part of Your savings. That is why I am always looking for a way to achieve the desired result at a lower cost (for example, by hiring good local vendors). My responsibility is also to foreseen extra costs that may appear and be looking for a solution to avoid them.

4. Every vendor I work with is professional and I am taking full responsibility for their work

A wedding day is a moment You cannot just re-create later. That is why I would never experiment with Your ceremony – every vendor I recommend is a battle-tested professional and I trust them as much as myself.

5. I value the trust of my customers the most

I have introduced transparent pricing policy into Wedding Alchemy® by Valentina’s practices – You will have access to all contracts signed on Your behalf and other documentation related to Your wedding. I do not take any commission for hiring vendors. Very often I am able to offer my Couples better financial conditions.

I am using an online wedding planning system to communicate with You so that You have 24/7 access to all information regarding Your wedding – checklist, contracts with vendors, payment calendar with automatic notifications, guest list, seating plan, mood boards, budget and much more. This makes our communication more efficient and brings more clarity into the planning process.

6. I am the engine of Your wedding planning process

The starting point for a wedding planning process is to work out a schedule, which should be accepted by You. From that moment You will not have to remind me of Yourself and ask where are we now with wedding planning – I will make all appointments for You, present You offers and remind about deadlines to book a vendor.

7. I never promise anything if I am not sure this is even possible and do not experiment with Your wedding

I had several situations in my own life when I was over promised by a salesperson before I have actually signed a contract. That is why I made a decision not to do such things to my Couples. Before I actually agree on something, I would make sure this is possible to do. My Couples value this attitude, because I am protecting them from a bitter disappointment.

8. I work for a result, which will exceed Your expectations

I am not the person, who easily gives up and I really hate to say to my Couples: “This is not possible”. Together with my team I always look for a solution, that would not only meet Your expectations but even exceed them.

9. I simply like my Couples – that’s it!

This is the core of the whole wedding alchemy – I truly believe, that for a long distance, only honesty and openness in a relationship with my Couples will pass the test. Working on a wedding, normally for several months, I get to know You, Your family and friends, Your passions and expectations. This is a really intensive time of our interaction. That is why I treat my Couples as my best friends – I am always here for You to talk things through, meet Your family if You feel it is important, give advice. I do realise You are opening doors in front of me, which sometimes are reserved for the closest friends. I would like to assure You here I never talk about my Couples private lives or situations I was a witness of. All photos I publish online are authorised.

I take power from doing what I love and also from the love of my family. From the other hand – I am truly engaged and passioned and I “give” my love back by organising weddings for extraordinary people.

This explains my brand’s slogan – “Powered by love”

Please feel free to check out the backstage gallery to see how I and my team work!