I will work out a planning schedule that will match your calendar

I create a stylistic concept for Your event

I will take into consideration your expectations and inspirations shared, as well as incorporate traditions of different cultures if this is required.

I will help organising a renewal of vows

This can be either religious or symbolic ceremony.

I will estimate a budget according to your priorities

The main rule for me here is to put down a realistic budget, which will represent premium quality for a reasonable price

I will administrate the budget and manage all payment deadlines

As soon as You approve the budget, Wedding Alchemy by Valentina’s team become responsible for its fulfilment and no change can appear without Your acceptation.

I will work out a planning schedule that will match your calendar

I will monitor deadlines for you and will let you know what is coming next.

I will present to You offers of vendors, that would suit to stylistic concept of Your event

Venues, photographers, decorators, confectioners and others – all our partners are the best in their business and I can take full responsibility for their work. If there is such a need, I can present to You offers of an English speaking vendors too.

I will negotiate all terms and conditions as well as sign contracts with vendors on your behalf

I have set partnerships with different wedding industry representatives, what makes possible for me to offer better prices to my Clients. But if only it is needed, I am working on contract details to bring them to adequate level for a particular project.

I will take care of transport and accommodation for Your guests

I will take into consideration how many guests are coming and how we allocate rooms, time needed to accomplish distance, alternate rodas, big events, which may cause delays and roadblocks. If the reception venue does not offer enough rooms for Your guests, I will find accommodation for them in hotels nearby and organise shuttle busses before and after the party.

I will plan a timeline for the event

You will be aware of the what, where and when.

Me and my team will coordinate the event

Wedding Alchemy by Valentina ’s coordinators will take care of all arrangements in Your chosen venue as well as the event itself.

I will settle all payments on Your behalf

After the party I will prepare a final report on the weddings costs that will contain the confirmation receipt from all vendors.

Well prepared day of plan

This is the starting point to the wedding day coordination, when we meet a couple of weeks before the wedding, discuss every detail and build a wedding schedule together. Then I distribute it among all vendors and make sure that everything is clear. This is an extremely important part - from my experience, in many cases, Couples do not know how exactly, step by step, the wedding day will look like or what elements of it they can modify or personalise. Your wedding will not be run by an accident or by someone's pre-defined workflow.

There are several coordinators to take care of your reception

Depending on how big and complex your wedding is, two wedding coordinators is a minimum we guarantee. This is how we make sure we have everything under control.

Getting ready the ceremony and reception for your Big entrance

Depending what is the stylistic conception of your ceremony and reception, sometimes we need from several hours up to several days to get everything prepared. This is the moment, when all details are being put together - furniture, decorations, scene, table design, putting in place wedding polygraphy etc. Our coordinators actively take part in this process. We monitor and take care of the whole thing so that the final effect exceeds your expectations. We leave no room for a painful surprise.

Wedding ceremony and reception is a living organism – only constant control and plan correction, at a pinch, can guarantee success

There are so many factors which influence ceremony and reception - some of them could be foreseen and then we have plan B, C etc. But there are also those, you cannot be prepared to. For example - it is impossible to predict how your guests are going to behave in a particular moment. That is why we monitor how guests are having fun and then correct the plan of the party together with DJ or band and then let the rest of service know.

Settlement with vendors

You hire different vendors to facilitate your ceremony and reception - the venue, photographers, video operators, band, bartenders, decorators, confectionery, baby sitters, bus and car rentals etc. Some can be paid after the wedding, but some bills should be closed on the day-of. Wedding Alchemy® by Valentina coordinator is responsible for paying off all bills due on the wedding day as well as making notes on all payments done.

We know how to make your dreams come true

Some ideas for wedding highlights end as just ideas, cause couples are not aware how to reach some vendors or just resign from ideas they think are not possible to achieve. Thanks to our network in a wedding and event industry we are able to reach required vendors to fulfill Your “wedding dreams”.

We guard Your precious time

In order to make some ideas come true, You need to engage Your time and put a lot of work into it. We live fast and time is the most precious thing we can never get back. By delegating this task to Wedding Alchemy by Valentina’s professionals will save Your time and energy.