Wedding planning A to Z

Wedding Planning A to Z in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia area

Are You looking for a stress-free and full of joy wedding planning experience?

Living abroad and planning Your wedding from overseas?

Having a busy work life?

Or just want professionals to take care of Your Big Day?

If Your answer is ‘Yes!’, then You are definitely in the right place!

With us, the celebration starts right from the beginning of the wedding planning journey!




This is how Your wedding planning experience looks like!

We start with a face to face or online meeting – You tell me about Yourself, Your requirements, dreams, and some times also about concerns. You will also find out how cooperation with me and my team looks like. 

You do not need to have a chosen wedding date – the majority of Couples choose the date based on the venue and wedding planner availability.

What is important for You to know is that You receive a full exclusivity for a wedding date and even more – You will be the only one Couple for the whole week. It means, that You and Your guests will be in the center of my attention and receive the highest quality of service.

The next step is receiving an exclusive wedding planning offer (normally You will have it on Your mailbox within 3 business days). The offer consists of three parts:

  • wedding planner’s scope of service in details with price
  • a presentation of wedding concept and its estimated budget,
  • a wedding planner contract draft.

Depending on Your preferences, the offer can be prepared in Polish, Eglish, or Russian.

Once You check my offer – this is the moment for You to make a decision if You want to plan Your wedding Wedding Alchemy® by Valentina.

If You say ‘Yes!’ – we sign the contract and start our wedding planning journey together!

This is the turning point when You can relax and focus on a pleasant part of the whole process – You receive from me ready to use solutions and proposals and make decisions based on processed data. I do my best to take off Your stress and make sure that You receive an ultimate wedding planning experience.

You also receive 24/7 access to an online wedding planning system, where You will find all information about Your wedding. There are many useful tools in there, like a detailed check-list with tasks and deadlines, vendors profiles, electronic versions of contracts and documents, wedding day timeline, guest list, and a seating plan, payment calendar, budget, and much more. The biggest part of our communication will also be done through the system – this will help us to keep track of particular topics, no need to go back to long e-mail chains. 

Apart from that, we will have regular on-line meetings or calls. Constant communication between us is extremely important for the success of the whole project. It helps me to even better understand and, later, meet or even exceed Your expectations.

When Your Big Day will come, You and Your Guests will be taken care of by two experienced coordinators. This is a standard of my work which guarantees the smooth run of the wedding day. In the case of bigger wedding projects, there are even more coordinators working on Your event. We will do everything to make sure You and Your dearest guests can make the best and enjoy every single moment of Your Big Day!

What is the standard scope of the wedding planning service?
I look for a dream venue for Your Big Day

I present You detailed offers of venues, that meet the criteria set and do an inspection of shortlisted venues with You.

I study the contract draft with the venue in detail, propose changes if needed, and sign the contract on Your behalf.

I create a stylistic concept for Your event

I will create a mood board with inspirations for stationery, decoration, florals, and additional entertainment based on Your special requirements and the wedding main theme.

Together with a decorator, we will do a venue inspection and discuss in detail how space can be decorated and organised - reception area, dance floor, the backdrop for Instagram photos, chill-out zone, dessert table etc. As soon as the decorator comes back with a detailed offer, we agree on the final look of the decoration and close the budget.

In case we need to rent any chairs, furniture, or other elements - I also take care of that.

I deliver a list of required documents

In case of international weddings, I also organise a certified translation of your documents as well as a sworn translator for your wedding ceremony.

I help You with choosing the best alcohol option

I present You all available options for alcohol at the party - buying alcohol from the venue and paying only for the consumed or opened bottles, paying a fixed rate per person and unlimited consumption, hiring a third party bartender company, or bringing Your own alcohol. I estimate the alcohol consumption and help You with choosing the best option based on Your and Your guests' requirements.

In case You choose to buy alcohol on Your own - I help You to place an order with delivery to the venue option.

I organise makeup and hairstyling services for You and Your Bridal team

I prepare proposals for makeup and hair stylists available on the date - proposals include all extra costs like transportation, accommodation, etc. if applicable. After that, I arrange trial sessions with chosen makeup stylists and hairstylists and if You are happy with it - I book the date on Your behalf.

Before the wedding date, I prepare a makeup and hairstyling schedule for the Bride, Bridal Party, and the rest of Your guests. In the end, I make payments on Your behalf.

I organise music for Your ceremony and cocktail hour

I prepare proposals for the music during the ceremony - different options - available on the date, containing all additional costs (ex. transportation etc. if applicable). When You make Your decision, I make all necessary agreements and sign the contract on Your behalf. We can agree on repertoire at the moment when we sign the contract or at the later stage.

I help to hire and organise the work of photographers and video-crew

I check availability of photographers and video-crew on Your wedding date and prepare offers taking into consideration Your special requirements, agree on terms and conditions of cooperation and sign a contract on Your behalf. I also book additional services like engagement or boudoir shoots and coordinate the delivery of pictures and films after the wedding

I will negotiate all terms and conditions as well as sign contracts with vendors on your behalf

I have set partnerships with different wedding industry representatives, what makes possible for me to offer better prices to my Clients. But if only it is needed, I am working on contract details to bring them to adequate level for a particular wedding project.

I will take care of transport and accommodation for Your guests

I will take into consideration how many guests are coming and how we allocate rooms, time needed to accomplish distance, alternate rodas, big events, which may cause delays and roadblocks. If the reception venue does not offer enough rooms for Your guests, I will find accommodation for them in hotels nearby and organise shuttle busses before and after wedding party.

I will plan a timeline for Your Wedding Day or the whole weekend

I will take into account traditions of different cultures, plan a welcome party, Tricity sightseeing schedule etc. so that You will be aware of the what, where and when.

Me and my team will coordinate Your Big Day

Wedding Alchemy by Valentina’s coordinators will take care of all arrangements in Your chosen venue as well as based on our agreed timeline. All team members fluently speak English.

I will settle all payments on Your behalf

After the Wedding Day I will prepare a final report on the weddings costs that will contain the confirmation receipt from all vendors.

I do realize, that the individual approach is all about fitting my offer to the needs of a particular Couple. That is why I do not limit my Couples with fixed service packages.

Wedding planning pricing depends on the agreed scope of service as well as the complexity of the whole wedding project from the logistics point of view. Those points correspond directly with the number of wedding coordinators needed to facilitate the smooth running of the event. When we talk about “Wedding planning A to Z” – we can either have in mind a one-day wedding ceremony and reception, which contains all basic services, or a three to four days celebration. That is why it is initial to have the first meeting followed by preparing an individual offer to assure that we are on the same page with the agreed scope of service.

But, to set Your expectations accordingly, Wedding Alchemy® by Valentina remuneration for planning a wedding from A to Z starts at 10 000 PLN.

Book a meeting or a video-conference with me today! I am looking forward to talking to You about Your Big Day!