Wedding concierge

Wedding concierge is an absolutely unique offer on a Polish wedding market.

No matter if you are future bride, groom or will participate in a wedding as a guest or, even, just prepare to pop a quesiton which has been created for brides and grooms to be, their guests and also if you plan to pop the question. This service is all about fulfilling wedding special tasks – no matter if this is a super romantic engagement, extraordinary highlight on your wedding party or a mind-blowing surprise for a newlywed.

No matter if You know exactly what You are looking for or just have no idea about it – I am here to help you offering my knowledge, experience and broad network within wedding industry.



What is more you can also delegate to us a particular part of a wedding planning, like booking an accommodation or transport for Your guests, working on a stylistic concept, wedding budget management consulting etc – literally everything which comes to your mind and you do not have time for (or not willing to do).

Wedding concierge offer includes:

  • Preparing a concept for engagement, wedding highlight or a surprise for a Bride and Groom based on Your requirements and expectations (event style, Your personalities and budget you want to spend on it)
  • Hiring vendors and making necessary arrangements
  • Assuring everything runs smoothly on a day-of
What is the power of a wedding concierge
offered by Wedding Alchemy by Valentina?
We know how to make your dreams come true

Some ideas for wedding highlights end as just ideas, cause couples are not aware how to reach some vendors or just resign from ideas they think are not possible to achieve. Thanks to our network in a wedding and event industry we are able to reach required vendors to fulfill Your “wedding dreams”.

We guard Your precious time

In order to make some ideas come true, You need to engage Your time and put a lot of work into it. We live fast and time is the most precious thing we can never get back. By delegating this task to Wedding Alchemy by Valentina’s professionals will save Your time and energy.

We will be creative about Your task

As we are professionals in wedding industry, we know how to create a highlight, that will perfectly match Your event style.

We will offer the best quality for reasonable price

We constantly hire vendors from wedding industry, what puts us in a better position to negotiate. This is why we are able to offer our clients better prices or conditions and we love to do it!

Wedding concierge fee is being evaluated individually based on how complex the task would be. Contact us today to get Your exclusive offer!